Yom Kippur and The Real You

On this blessed morning, my usual routine was interrupted by the discovered treasure in a simple video clip that was sent to me from a Jewish website.  The video clip featured Rabbi Moshe giving a wonderful teaching of the Jewish historical meaning of Yom Kippur.  My soul was filled with delight as I sat, practically at the feet of this blessed Rabbi, and discovered that the beautiful descriptions of that wonderful time, celebrated throughout Jewish history, was all summed up in Jesus' coming, living, dying, resurrection and ascension.

In my book, Strengthened by Prayer - Interludes of Oneness, I share the experience of intimacy which I was allowed to encounter with our Gracious and Holy God.  I described the place within as the inner sanctum - the Holiest of Holies - the inner chamber of God. The description of the experience coincides with Rabbi Moshe's teaching of Yom Kippur.   I believe that in His infinite wisdom, God wanted to validate the encounter of that blessed moment, and for me to understand that the Jews long desperately to enter into the experience.  We must continue to pray for the Jewish people, and pray that God will grant us sanctified boldness - tenacity of spirit to witness Jesus to them - using a language that they are able to understand.  (God grant this desire of the heart!)

Meanwhile, we must understand that Christianity is intermingled with ancient Judaism, and we would do well to acquaint ourselves with the culture and community of ancient Judaism.  Yes, we are hidden in Christ Jesus; however, Jesus was a Jew and his practices and sayings were birthed out of the Ancient Jewish Traditions.  I implore every Christian to study the ancient history, culture and community beliefs of Judaism, so that you might encounter the fullness of the Gospel message and be a true witness to the Jewish people of Jesus the Messiah.