Michelle Addison Jones is the Visionary of Universal Ministries and has recently launched “Writing

In The Spirit Book Ministry.” She is a licensed Minister in the State of Maryland and has received

certification to preach under the tutelage of Drs. Harold A. Carter, Sr., and Harold A. Carter, Jr., Pastor of

New Shiloh Baptist Church. She has served in ministry for 13 years.


EDUCATION: Michelle attended the Harold A. Carter Determined Biblical and Theological Institute

where she completed her studies in religious education and matriculated at the College of Notre Dame

of Maryland. In 2014, she attended the Lancaster Bible College where she earned her Bachelors of Arts

Degree in Religious Education, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She is currently pursuing her Master’s

Degree in Healthcare Administration where she hopes to become an advocate for Patient Safety

(Proverb 31:8).


SOCIETIES: Michelle Addison Jones was inducted into the (Lifetime) National Honor Society for

Religious and Theological Studies (TAK). She has recently accepted membership to the National Honors

Society through the College of Notre Dame. She is a member of the Ministers and Evangelists Council at

New Shiloh Baptist Church where she volunteers her services as Secretary to the Council; she is a

member of the National Coalition of Prison Ministries, The Voices of Christ Literary Ministries

International, and on occasion she tours with Christian Authors on Tour (COAT).


AUTHOR: She is the author of two books, “As the Deer Pants for Streams of Water,” and

“Strengthened by Prayer (Interludes of Oneness)”.  She is currently working on a

third book, “Masquerade” and hopes to publish soon. Michelle has also published an article in

the Tubman Times.