God Cares!

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. (Ps. 46:10)

I was awaken this morning to ponder the meaning of this particular verse.  Of course, I looked to my commentary for understanding the context of the verse (historical background/Hebrew Lexicon/ interpretation, etc.).  While relaxing at my desk, and pondering all that I had gathered concerning the text, I began to hear the Holy Spirit whisper gently these words, "God Cares." 

Like most of us, I typically turn to the Book of Psalms after I have exhausted all my strength and am on the verge of throwing up my hands and giving up!  To the religious, this is blasphemy!  Giving up means not trusting in God! But, as usual, I beg to differ!

In this particular verse, I believe God is speaking to two groups: 1) those who oppose his power by attacking his people; and, 2) those He deems as His beloved possession (for lack of a better description). 

1.  To those who oppose his mighty power to protect His own, he commands to BE STILL! Drop your weapons and be weak! & know that I am God! In other words, Enough Is Enough! Isn't it a wonderful comfort to know that God is our great Defense!  He is our place of refuge!  But then, God says to the enemy, '...and know that I am God."  Wow! It almost appears that He is throwing out the lifeline to those who contends against Him!  How gracious is Our God?  While we were yet sinners/enemies of God, Christ Jesus died on our behalf! (Romans 5:8)

2.  To those who are His own, He commands to BE STILL! Stop stressing out over your circumstance and draw nearer so that you might draw your strength from communion with your God!  Actually, he is telling us to become weak!  To throw up your hands and give up your striving/struggle to bring resolution and trust in His power to perform!  This is what it means to trust in God.  We must discover the deficiency in our self-sufficiency!  In other words, we must come to the end of 'self', and submit to God's way above our own way.

   Surely! God cares about both groups!


King of Glory - Lord God Almighty, thank you for being that place that we can run into and find rest for our souls; for reminding us not to get caught up in our strength for resolve, but to draw our strength from an intimate relationship with you. Thank you for granting us courage to trust in your power to perform! Gracious God - Our Most Holy Father! Thank you for commanding the enemy to drop their weapons and back off your people; and for your grace as you allow those who oppose your power & might the opportunity to know you - even the most wretched amongst us - in this we see your salvation. Thank you, Lord for your mercy and for your grace on this blessed Day which you have made. In Jesus precious name - Amen